Let us introduce ourselves

Isee Games is a small game develoment company. We are focused on creating beautiful games for mobile devices. Currently we are working on a new title (Our first title) by the name of "Anome: FruitWars". The game will sport beautiful graphics and an immersive gameplay. As a young, ambitious company we aim to create only the most wonderful of games for our customers. We intend to push the limits of your devices by creating console looking games and squeezing every bit of detail possible into our games while still maintaining great performance.

We have worked intensively to create Anome: Fruitwars. Which is a very fun and unique game. We hope to gain the support of gamers and independent game developers in making our company one of the best game development companies around.

Any suggestion, Idea or help is always greatly apreciated. We look forward to your reviews on Anome: Fruitwars. We are also here to help. We are ready to answer any queries you might have about any of our product as well as developer related issues.

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