• Global Method in English Reading Comprehension 不要轻易放弃。学习成长的路上,我们长路漫漫,只因学无止境。

    AbstractThis paper aims at introducing Global method, a new way of teaching reading comprehension in English. After analyzing advantages and disadvantages of sentence method and text 万博APP网页,万博APP,新万博体育手机网页版 method carefully, the author puts forward Global method. In this paper, the concept of Global method is reviewed; the similarities and differences between traditional method and global method are briefly examined; theoretical basis as well as guiding ideology of global method are then discussed; finally, examples are given to show how this method can be applied in teaching practice.

    Key wordssentence method; text method; Global method


    InChinese history of English teaching ,reading has played and is always playing an important role. It has made a significant contribution to cultivating specialists in English,So it is of significance for English teachers to pay more attention to the teaching methodology of English reading ,make a great effort to do research in this field and improve the teaching 万博APP网页,万博APP,新万博体育手机网页版 efficiency.

    Text method outweighs sentence method in helping students get a comprehensive understanding of the text, but sentence method is more helpful in understanding the detailed information. Therefore we should take national condition into consideration when we borrow the foreign advanced teaching theory and method. Why don’t we combine these two methods with each other? Then a new method will come into being. We call it global method temporarily. Global method takes both the language points and structural organization into consideration and focuses more on the text analysis, which distinguishes it from the traditional sentence method and newly appeared text method, so it is worth trying in English class.

    Ⅱ. Definition of global method.

    Global method is a method, which pays full attention to both syntactical analysis and discourse analysis, but focuses on discourse analysis. This special characteristic distinguishes it from the traditional sentence method and makes it different from the text method, which enjoys great popularity among English teachers nowadays.According to global method, relationship between syntactical analysis and discourse analysis is dialectically complementary instead of exclusive.

    Ⅲ. Conducting steps of global method.

    English textbooks in China usually consist of several units or lessons. Each unit consists of four parts text, vocabulary, explanation and exercises. Among these parts, text is a central part .It plays an important role in improving students’ independent reading ability; vocabulary list helps students to remove all the obstacles in reading activity; explanation part provides students with necessary background information and some explanations for difficult language points; exercises part is to help deepen students’ understanding of the article and learn to use new words and phrases appeared in the text.

    3.1 The way of dealing with the article

    The text and exercises parts are treated carefully under global method. Because students understand the text and apply the language learned in the exercises.

    There are two ways to deal with the text. One is from sentence to discourse. We call it bottom- up method. In more detail, we teach the text sentence by sentence after we have provided students with necessary background knowledge, from sentence to paragraph, from paragraph to discourse. While teaching sentences, emphasis is put on their functional structure other than pure grammatical relationship, for example, this noun functions as a subject, this is a cleft sentence. The teacher may emphasizes relationships between one sentence and the sentence in front it and behind it and the structure and theme of the text. Contrary to bottom –up method, the other one is top-down method. We begin from the theme of the text, then towards sentences step by step.

    We will find in teaching practice that the second method requires students to preview the text fully. Otherwise it is hard for them to follow the teacher. The bottom-up method is similar to traditional teaching methodology and is easy to be accepted by both students and teachers compared with top-down method..

    3.2 Comprehension and appreciation of the article.

    It is essential for students to comprehend the text, but it is far from enough to stay at this level. Students are required to develop their ability of logical thinking, making comments and judgments. They must learn to express their ideas in their own words. So teachers of advanced learners must work on improving students’ appreciating ability. Teachers may use two articles at the same time, and compare them in the choice of words and content.

    I will take the text Face to Face With Hurricane Camille as example again. The author describes the situation when a village is attacked by hurricane. Description of the power of hurricane and psychology of the characters is really true to life. However, the author takes a passive attitude in the text, which has a bad effect on students’ attitude towards natural disaster. Most students have a feeling that nature is unconquerable and human efforts to overcome difficulties will be in vain. In order to dispel pessimism, teacher may offer another text about natural disaster Typhoon as a complementary reading material. In the text, human beings bravely struggle against the natural disaster. After making contrasts between two different actions, students will become more confident and optimistic.

    Ⅳ.Students’ feedback

    Many English teachers in China have tried out global method in English class in recent years. Those who have tried this method agree that they have improved their teaching proficiency greatly and students have made an obvious progress in English reading comprehension.An investigation done recently by Zhu Yongsheng, an English professor of SuZhou University, in Normal school and it shows that a majority of students improved their capacity in reading comprehension; students with poor English proficiency level even do better than the former superior students who were not taught in global method. Many students say that they fell better in analyzing textual structure independently and getting the main idea of the text correctly. All of these facts prove that Global method is superior to the pure sentence method and text method. It is a landmark in reforms of English teaching.


    Global method is still on the stage of being explored. It is to be developed both in theory and in practice. Because it pays attention to both the language points and structural organization,and the post-reading exercises are handled very differently from the traditional sentence method . Teachers should first improve their own target language proficiency level, and then be creative in lesson -planning and class activity -designing. Due to many factors such as limited class time, reference materials and examination requirements, many teachers are unwilling to change in their teaching methods. But we should always consider our students’ benefits. If the global method can ensure the learners both general and detailed understanding of the text and even improves their 万博APP网页,万博APP,新万博体育手机网页版 communicative ability in the target language at the same time, it is worth trying in class.

    ⅤI. Acknowledgement

    Sincere thanks go to my supervisor Ms.Gi for her insightful guidance and help throughout the searching, analysis and paper-writing stages.


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